Alternative Techniques To Prevent Hemorrhoids

There are a number of alternative techniques to prevent hemorrhoids and might be a good place to start before looking at other more drastic measures. Here is a list of a few tecnhiques to try.

Stress Reduction to Preven Hemorrhoids:

Evidently a typical reason for getting hemorrhoids is stress, therefore decreasing stress and tension is also essential in hemorrhoids prevention.

Hemorrhoids are generally caused by tension from the abdomen pushing far too much blood into the hemorrhoid blood vessels around the rectal area. Tension leads to stomach ache, hypertension and all kinds of miserable health problems.

If you seek some methods to decrease your stress everyday, such as yoga, a pleasant snack during breaks, visiting friends, listening to music or meditation to reducing work loads, it will go a long way to prevent any hemorrhoids.

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Mechanical Techniques to Prevent Hemorrhoids:

If you have discovered that you are susceptible to hemorrhoids, changing your lifestyle may not work immediately in the prevention process. There are numerous mechanical techniques you can do to prevent hemorrhoids in the future, none of them are expensive.

The common mechanical technique you can do to prevent hemorrhoids is to get a footstool under your feet while on the toilet. In this position, the muscular support is taken away from the pelvic floor making it easier to use the toilet.

By placing a stool beneath your feet, you immediately support yourself with the muscles in your thighs. This is a significant hemorrhoids prevention technique that you sometimes find posted up in clinics.

Obviously, this technique is not totally effective; you cannot sit on the toilet forever. The best hemorrhoids prevention method will not help you if you sit too long on the toilet or strain to relieve yourself.

You should keep your time on the toilet for actually having a bowel movement. If the feces do not come out within five minutes, you should get up and leave the bathroom.

Use a mild, plain white toilet tissue, and never wipe harshly. If you really need to be cleaner try using a Sitz bathr or use a hand-held shower to wash yourself. Always wipe gently or pat with a soft towel to dry yourself. Avoid harmful dyes, perfumes and artificial materials.

Pharmaceutical Methods to Prevent Hemorrhoids

There are many mainstream drugs to relieve hemorrhoids than there are for prevention. Most of what you can purchase from a drug store, either over-the-counter or as a doctor’s prescription, will only help you when you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Never use hemorrhoid gels if you do not have hemorrhoids as it can irritate the skin.

Herbal supplements containing butcher’s broom and chestnut have been used to prevent hemorrhoids. They are used to aid in bad circulation, though they should not be taken by people with hypertension, hyperplasia, and pregnant and lactating mothers.

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